3 Tips To Grow Your Tennis Coaching Program

First, let me say this to all the tennis coaches out there.

You should really think about starting your own tennis program.

To grow your private coaching program faster, you need to figure out what is working in your sales activities and do more of those activities.


At the same time.

Eliminate other activities that aren’t working.

In this post.

Here are 3 tips that can help you grow your private coaching program and get more ROI for your efforts.

I would recommend that coaches take a hard look at these tips and then implement them from today.

1). Find out where your best prospects are located.

This could be schools, churches or companies.

Then start spending all your time and energy in those places.

You should be networking and passing out tons of name cards and prospecting at these places until they know and trust you.

2). Find out a way to actively get more referrals.

You earn these referrals by giving great service to your students.

The thing is this.

Know the business that you are in…


“You are not in the coaching business, but you are in the PEOPLE business”.

The more they like you, the longer they will stay in your program and the more referrals they will give you in the future.

3). How can you better serve your students?

You need to be asking this powerful question to yourself every day in the morning and also before you go the bed at night.

This is called the “Client Experience”.

Think about it.

If you give your student great lessons, they will tell all their friends and family.

Then, if you keep doing it all the time, you will have a student for LIFE.

Which is exactly what you want right?

Also, let me add this.

Spend 1 full hour in concentrated thought on how you can grow your private coaching program daily.

Brainstorm for ideas and never judge them while you are doing this, just record them in your coaching journal and later try to expand on them.

You can also piggyback off others and their ideas as well.

The great thing about doing this is that… “You will become more creative and efficient in growing your program and in your personal life”.

I challenge you to do this for 3 months and watch how your program grows!!

This is called working on your program and not in it!!

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