Understanding Basketball Positions

Now in the game of basketball every player that is playing on the court is given a position such as point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.

Here is a definition so that you can understand more easily how the positions work.

Point Guard: The point guard can usually be considered the shortest player that is on the team, but that does not mean that the point guard will always be the shortest player on the team. Although the point guard is not necessarily a shooter, they pass and handle the ball the most. Their role is to take the ball to the opposing teams side of the hoop and should remain near the top of the key ready to retrieve the rebound if a teammate misses a 2 point shot or the ball bounces off the hoop after a 3 point attempt. This person directs the offense and also calls the plays. The point guard for this manner can also be called the, “coach on the floor”.

Shooting Guard: They are usually taller then the point guard but again, it may not always be the case. The shooting guard is exactly how you would imagine what the word shooting guard comes to mind. They are most likely the teams best perimeter shooter, the shooting guard can shoot the ball from the 2 or 3 pointer line after a successful screen. They also try to grab the rebound after they have tried to make a shot and know that the shot was a miss.

Small Forward: The small forward could be considered the all-in-one player. They are offensive, strong, able to dribble the ball and shoot as well, so they are well balanced. They are able to score from the perimeter and inside.

Power Forward: The power forward can be seen as a bulky player, they should be able to catch fast passes and missed shots, basically, they are the rebounder for the team. They usually stay near the hoop so that they can look for an opening, retrieve the pass and finish it off with a dunk. If the power forward is a good rebounder then, the rebounds from missed shots can greatly make a difference in the scores for their team.

Center: The player who is the center, can usually be always seen next to the baseline, close to the basket. The tallest player is usually assigned the role of being the center. They must know how to get rebounds aggressively, as well as make hook shots. The power forward can be considered much like the center because they have similar roles but the power forward is more aggressive. A role similar to the center is power forward.

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