Trophy: The Origin and Evolution

The English term trophy is derived from the French word “trophee” and Greek term “tropaion.” The Greek term “tropaion” indicates to rout and the French phrase “trophee” fundamentally indicates spoils of a war.

For the Greek the trophies started from the battlefield. The victorious crew designed a warrior type of determine from the arms and specifications of the defeated group. This determine was hung to a tree and it was inscribed with fight stories and was committed to god and later on destroyed as a sacrilege. The Romans built extravagant trophies that consisted of columns and arches on leading of a basis.

Olympics, today, use medals to commemorate the winners. In historical Greece, Olympic winners had been felicitated with a laurel wreath and did not acquire trophies.

Initially a trophy was formed as a chalice and created with a picket base, a wood column and a steel figure. But with passing time the tendencies adjusted and wooden was replaced by marble and the figures are produced out of plastic and painted the wished-for coloration.

The styles and measurements of a trophy as well have evolved with time. The chalice is continue to used in a number of outstanding sporting situations like the Davis and the Stanley cup, but there are other fascinating collectible figurines that are being utilized like a stylized human for the academy awards or the Oscars and the use of a spaceship for the Hugo awards for science.

The current FIFA world cup trophy is created by Silvio Gazzaniga and been in commission because 1974. The award depicts two human figures holding the Earth. The current trophy weighs 5 kilos and stands 36.5 centimeters tall. Each the Wimbledon and the FIFA earth Cup trophy are unable to be gained outright, the winners of the tournament get a reproduction of the trophy.

No matter what the match, the trophy is what keeps the games fascinating!