The New Year is the Perfect Time to Make the Switch to Satellite Television

Once the excitement and busy time of the holidays dies down, the new year of 2009 offers a lot of opportunities and reasons to make the switch to satellite television. There are many different reasons to switch to satellite, some for cable subscribers, and others for television viewers who do not subscribe to any pay television service.

Cable subscribers may want to give satellite television a second look in the new year. Satellite television has the most high definition channels available, and cable viewers who want access to their favorite high definition programming may be missing out. The new year of 2009 sees satellite only increasing the availability of high definition channels, with one company launching a new satellite into orbit which will allow them to offer 200 channels in high definition.

If you are a cable subscriber or have never had a pay television subscription, this enhanced access to high definition television programming is a perfect reason to make the switch over to satellite programming. If you have made an investment in a high definition television, it only makes sense to get the most out of that investment by having access to your favorite programs broadcast in high definition. Satellite television offers more high definition programming than cable and has packages that are competitively priced, and some providers may even offer free installation and other incentives for first time subscribers.

Another reason to consider switching over to satellite, especially if you do not have a subscription to cable or satellite is the digital switch over that will be occurring on February 17, 2009. On this date, all broadcasters will be turning off their old analog television transmitters and begin broadcasting their signals exclusively in the digital format. While this is a giant leap forward in broadcasting, and most channels are already broadcasting in the digital TV format, people who still have analog sets and do not have a pay service will be left out in the cold if they do not have a converter box. This may be the perfect time to consider satellite television, as people who have satellite television on this date will not notice the transition. They are already getting channels in digital format and the transition will be seamless.

Viewers who have not considered subscribing to satellite before might want to consider it now, as February moves closer. Not only will the transition be easier, but they can finally enjoy the wide range of sports, entertainment, movies and educational programming that satellite provides. Plus, they can still watch their favorite local programming in addition to the wide range of satellite programming available.

The new year is bound to bring new deals for people considering subscribing to satellite television. Satellite providers are sure to be offering special introductory offers like free installation and even free digital video recorders when you sign a contract for service. There are many packages you can choose from that make satellite television competitive and affordable. The installation is minimally invasive and many providers are offering next day installation service so you can enjoy great programming within a day of making the phone call and getting connected. So in this coming new year, resolve to make the switch to satellite television, and enjoy the diverse and wide range of programming available.

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