Tennis Tutor Plus – A Review

I had the opportunity to give the Tennis Tutor Plus a good workout recently, or perhaps it would be more accurate for me to say that the Tennis Tutor Plus gave me a good work out recently. The T.T.Plus tennis ball machine can simulate the strokes and spin of a beginner, intermediate, and advanced player. Using this practice machine will help your game improve, no doubt about it.

When I head out to the tennis court to practice, I always like playing with someone that’s better than me. They inspire you to play better just to keep up. That’s really the only way you can get any better. I don’t want to blow my horn too loudly here but it isn’t always easy to find a player who is a caliber better than me. Andre Agassi or Jimmy Conners just doesn’t come around too often to challenge me. It’s usually because the guys I like to play with are busy or are already scheduled with someone else.

So whats the next best thing that can be done? Get out the T.T. Plus Ball Machine. And one of the major factors that I look for in a tennis ball machine is the ability to simulate a real opponent. That means getting balls hit to me from side to side, front court and back court, and with topspin – the more difficult the shot, the better, because that is what helps me improve. Not many ball machines on the market offer this. Tennis Tutor Plus was definitely up to the task.

The Tennis tutor plus is not a cheap machine but none of the good tennis robots are. If you are serious about your tennis, this is a serious machine for serious players. When it comes to tennis robot machines, you get what you pay for. You can always buy yourself a tennis twist for $200. The Tennis Tutor Plus is for the big boys.

I put the tennis tutor plus through the paces for hours. I was returning balls to this machine for what seemed like an eternity but was actually about 4 1/2 hours at final count. Even though there was an indicator light letting me know it was getting low on power, I ran out of power before the tennis tutor did. Machine started beeping on me but I was done first. Extended battery packs and AC power are both available as options on the tennis tutor plus. They say it takes roughly 12 hours to be fully charged. No problem, as I needed to rest anyways.

The Machine holds 150 tennis balls, about 2 full ball hoppers worth. Swinging back at 150 consecutive tennis balls is pretty challenging and quite a workout. The Tennis Tutor Will Run You All Over The Court.

You can set the device to pitch balls to the same depth but in an oscillating manner, as in left to right. Or you can set it to pitch the balls to you in a random vertical oscillation meaning both long and short. You also get elevation control on the machine. Practice overheads or net skimmers that are often difficult to play.

With a variable ball speed, the tutor was pitching balls to me at a slow 10 mph all the way up to a very quick 85 mph. The ball delivery settings can send you a ball every 1.5 seconds or every 10 seconds. It’s all up to you. You can even adjust the spin, both topspin and underspin with the spin control knob on the tennis tutor.

The advanced control panel on the tutor plus makes all of these adjustments a simple no brainer. Just set it and forget it until you want a change.

So what’s the bottom line on this tennis tutor plus machine? It’s a thumbs up in my opinion. Truth be told I prefer playing against my human partners but nevertheless I loved the tennis tutor plus and I highly recommend it. For practice when your playing partners are non existent, the tennis tutor plus is an acceptable and excellent substitute.

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