Speed Training For Baseball – 2 Drills Designed to Enhance the Baseball Player’s Athleticism!

For baseball players that want to increase their speed and athleticism you have reached the right article. I have included 2 basic drills and exercises here that are guaranteed to improve your muscular power and help you to develop speed.

1. Kettlebell Snatch and Squat Jump Combo: For this drill you will need the availability of a moderately heavy kettlebell and your willingness to work! To start, make sure that you have a flat open space to work in. Of course, make sure that you are properly warmed up. Begin by performing a series of one arm kettlebell snatches. Make sure to execute at least 30 total snatches (15 each arm). As soon as you complete the snatches then immediately get into an athletic stance and perform a series of 15 squat jumps. Make sure that you use your arms to help with momentum of the counter-movement in order to get the most height out of every continuous jump! Afterwards you will be surprised at just how fun speed training for baseball can be!

2. Kettlebell Rolling Squat Jumps: For this drill you will need a relatively light kettlebell and a semi soft surface such as grass or a big mat. To begin this drill simply stand with your heels to the mat. Hold the kettlebell firmly with both hands upside down (with the bell facing up). Keep the bell semi-close to your chest. Next, simply squat down all the way to the ground until you actually sit with your rear on the ground. In one continuous movement, as soon as, you touch the ground tuck your knees and roll back until your upper back and traps are touching the ground. Once you do this then immediately and forcefully explode out of the roll propelling your body forward with enough force to plant your feet back to the ground and stand up. From the time you plant your feet and start to vertically come up explode into a vertical jump. As soon as you land from the jump immediately transition right into the next rolling squat jump! This drill is a sure way for the baseball player to develop speed and explosive athleticism!

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