How to Fix Windows 7 Gaming Lag

Windows 7 gaming lag sometimes becomes an intolerable problem. It is especially true when at the middle of a game play, everything starts to lag. It greatly disturbs users as they are not able to fix it easily. Although in many cases the problem occurs due to the game itself but sometimes errors in your Windows 7 also affect the performance of games. There could be a number of reasons due to which this problem occurs.

If you are really annoyed with the Windows 7 gaming lag and want to play games smoothly follow these helpful steps:

Fix Corrupted Windows Registry

It may be the case that the registry keys created by your favorite game have gone corrupted in your system. Fixing this corruption can be a powerful weapon to fix Windows 7 game lag. You need to understand the significance of Windows registry.

The Windows operating system comes up with a very important component called the ‘Registry’ which stores information about all the computer programs. This information must be in correct form in order to run programs normally. If the programs in your computer are malfunctioning it is surely something wrong with your computer registry. A good registry cleaning tool can help you fix this problem at ease by scanning for errors present in this part of your operating system.

Defrag Registry Data

In order to let computer programs easily access the registry keys and consequently make programs run fast you have to make it sure that the registry data in your computer is organized. Overtime the size of Windows registry continues to increase and the registry data becomes fragmented. It often becomes the cause of Windows 7 gaming lag and using a defrag technology available in some good PC Optimization software could help you to fix this situation.

Clean Up Windows Junk Files

If it is not your habit to clean junk files it is not a strange thing that you are a victim of Windows 7 gaming lag. The computer trash files put load on computer and cause computer programs to run slow. Removing these unnecessary files helps to boost gaming experience.

Improve Hardware

It is equally likely that due to the low intensity graphics card and the smaller RAM your Windows 7 games lag. It is recommended in this situation to sort out the exact specifications required to play a certain game and then enhance your system’s capability to ensure that it is powerful enough to play that game.

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