How to Fix a Baseball Glove – Simple Ways to Restore That Old Glove

If you are thinking of buying a new baseball glove or mitts for the next season of great baseball, you may want to take a look at your old glove and try to check if you can revive that favorite equipment of yours to make it look and feel like new again.

Indeed, learning how to fix a baseball glove can be a useful skill and it is a simple skill to learn. Learning a few tips and tricks on making your mitt look new and feel conditioned can make you save lots of cash for a new one, and you won’t have to adjust again to a new stiff mitt.

Cleaning Your Gloves

Cleaning is one basic thing you have to learn to restore that old dull mitt back to life. Dirt that has been accumulated and has caked in the leather surface of the gloves should be removed to be able to make conditioning easy later. If your hand wear have been used for many years, you may expect that stubborn dirt hard to remove. In this case, you may need some leather cleaner to help you with it.

If the glove is already very stiff and dry, you can also start cleaning from the inside. You can also use an old toothbrush to brush away other stains in the glove.

Relacing Your Gloves

One of the common damages of old gloves is torn lacing and if your gloves have this problem, you can replace the lacing but make sure you get the same size that fits into the hole. When learning how to fix a baseball glove, especially when you are replacing the lace, make sure that you have studied the pattern and where the lace should go. Some gloves may have complex lacing pattern, so make sure you have mastered them before putting on the new one.

Make sure to tighten the new laces too as leather can stretch over time and may loosen up. Aside from the lacing, you can also fix the webbing as well as parts of the hand wear that has already been torn. A rubber cement could do the trick in patching those things back.

Conditioning Your Gloves

If you are done cleaning your mitt from accumulated dirt and stains, it is also important to condition it, as years of usage and exposure to sun, water and snow may cause them to dry, stiffen and become brittle. If your old hand wear already feels like this, then you definitely need to have your mitts re-conditioned. One of the essentials on how to fix a baseball glove is to use lanolin conditioners. Lanolin will help your hand wear remain supple and will also protect it from moisture that usually causes the leather to become brittle

Although you can use oil in reconditioning your baseball glove, it can however leave oil spots and may darken it, so if you want better looking gloves that look as new, you can use lanolin.

Keep in mind though that if you want to make it easier to learn how to fix a glove, you have to always take care of them and other sports equipment you have. Routine maintenance is always a great way to make your mitt appear new as always.

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