Does Your Game Call For a Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex Tennis Racquet?

With four grand slams taking place in a year, tennis is undoubtedly amongst the most watched and played sports all over the world. For being a better player, the decision of getting the best racquet that suits your style of play plays a major role. Babolat AeroPro drive cortex tennis racquet has been the best choice for Rafa as it helped him climb up the rankings leaving behind every competitor. He was also successful in defending the French open title in a commanding manner.

There are lot of variations in the racquets depending on the head size, its weight, length, the grip and many more. Your style of play is affected a lot by these factors. Where heavier racquets provide better stability and less shock, the lighter ones provide better swing power. Beginners prefer larger head size as it offers them with more sweet spots and hitting areas. However, advanced players prefer smaller head size for it would provide better coordination and control. Though longer racquets help reaching for the ground strokes, the extended length makes them tough to control.

When Rafael Nadal was new to the international tennis circuit, he used Babolat AeroPro Drive which helped his game by providing great top spin potential. But, it was still not the perfect racquet for him because of its shock control and weight. Babolat AeroPro drive cortex tennis racquet, with the special cortex technology makes it better than the previous one by providing a far better system which is able to handle all kinds of vibrations. With this very racquet he made his way up to the 2nd position and even won three consecutive titles.

Talking further about the Babolat AeroPro drive cortex, it is a real treat for the baseliners. It provides tremendous control over the ground strokes. You could always find the sweet spot whether you are hitting a forehand or a double-handed backhand. With the huge amount of top spin this racquet has to offer, it would take great effort to hit the ball outside the play area. The cortex technology makes it way more comfortable than its previous version.

The great control and maneuverability of the racquet could be felt once you get closer to net, ready to punch the volleys in your opponent’s territory. Providing tremendous stability at just 11.3 ounces, it also helps you hit powerful volleys deep as well as provides room for drop volleys and angles.

The racquet provides plenty of spin and kicks on the serves and gives you the least arm shock as one would want. It is rock solid for returning serves as well. The maneuverability offers many options with the return. You can block back the serve easily and if you are able get over the ball, you would be amazed to place it anywhere you want with all the power you want. Finally, go for the Babolat AeroPro drive cortex tennis racquet if your game play is more like Rafael Nadal’s i.e. lots of spin and power. Your perfect of racquet would obviously help you on your way to success.

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