DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket – Live Action For Your PC and Mobile Phone

One of the primary reasons people flock to DIRECTV is for the “DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket” package that sports lovers can enjoy. This exclusive programming gives football fans up to 200 NFL games, which is the most available collection of games available from any venue. Whereas cable television only gives viewers an option of about four games every Sunday, this package brings up to 14 games, along with a “Highlights on Demand” feature, pre-game coverage and other related extras. This programming option has been sought after for years by home town fans who have relocated and find it difficult to view out of market games. Keep in mind that blackout restrictions do apply to the local market.

On of the newest features to this package is the Player Tracker. The Player Tracker lets you select your favorite NFL players and follow their individual performances throughout the day. You can even track up to nine different players, viewing their statistics during the regular season. Imagine live fantasy football stats while you watch your games. This is for the true football fanatic.

This package also puts added interactivity into your hands. Complete team and player statistics are easily displayed with the click of your remote control. You can put a score board of every game on the left hand side of your screen or reduce it to show a single game score (scrollable). From the scoreboard, you have the option of viewing that games complete statistics. A partially transparent menu will pop up on the screen giving you stats like first downs, 3rd down conversions, rushing/passing yards, fumbles, penalties, time of possession and more.

You can also upgrade your DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket package to a program called “DIRECTV NFL Super Fan” which allows you to watch up to 12 games a week in stunning HD and give you even more options (DIRECTV HD package needed to receive games in high definition). You can also tune into specialty NFL features like The Game Mix 1 & 2 as The Red Zone. The Game Mix allow you to view eight games at once while The Red Zone is your virtual remote control, letting you switch around various games as plays of interest occur (Red Zone is available for both programming options). The DIRECTV NFL Super Fan option also allows you to receive highlights on your mobile phone. This package definitely keeps you in the loop no matter where you are.

One of the coolest things about DIRECTV NFL Super Fan is a program called “Short Cuts”. Short Cuts allows you to watch entire games in less then 30 minutes without commercials. This is perfect for archiving your favorite team on your DVR. It is also good for fanatics who use their Sundays for getting projects done around the house. What would have taken you 3.5 hours to watch can now be accomplished in 30 minutes. These games are aired multiple times on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Subscribers of the DIRECTV NFL Super Fan get an added bonus. This is for the complete football geek who just can’t get enough pig skin or for those business travelers who don’t want to miss the game. DIRECTV Supercast is an exclusive broadcasting option aimed at the growing demand for online television. This option allows you to catch LIVE games through your PC from anywhere you can get an internet connection. There is nothing better then watching live football games from my computer if you are away from home, or using your PC to have a secondary game playing.

This is what happens when football and technology collide. Thanks to the many years of exclusive ownership, DIRECTV has brought your computer, television and the field closer together. The options they bring for the true football fan is nothing short of amazing.