Choosing the Right Shoes: Tennis

You know that when you are playing tennis, balance is a critical factor in your game. You need to be balanced when you are swinging, and there needs to be that perfect balance between power and control in all of your shots. Did you know that good shoes are critical to your balance? The right pair of tennis shoes is also important to help you avoid soreness in your ankles and knees as well as blisters on your feet (all of which will have a negative impact on your overall balance, not to mention your concentration). Here are a few guidelines to pick out the best pair for your game:


A very light shoe is nice because you can move around the court much more quickly. You might have noticed, though, that tennis shoes actually tend to be a bit heavier than regular running shoes. This is because you need some extra cushioning, support, and durability for tennis. It is important to strike a balance and find a shoe that is as light as possible while still offering you the support that you need. Orthotics can actually help you out with this, and we’ll discuss this further on.


There are many different factors to consider when it comes to design. For those who need extra support, you can get added stability with a shoe that laces that thread into reinforcements down the sides. You should also consider traction. If you play on a clay court, look for a pair with a herringbone design on the soles (this looks like very tight waves). If you play on a hard court, try to find soles with a very varied design (all different sizes of waves in different places).


How quickly you go through tennis shoes will depend very much upon how you play. If you have a tendency to drag your toe when you serve, a durable toecap will have your shoes lasting longer. If you have got an open stance, some extra cushioning along the upper medial part of the shoe will also add to overall durability.

Custom Orthotics

Any pair that you choose can be greatly improved with the addition of some custom orthotic inserts. Orthotics designed for your individual feet can account for how your body distributes its weight, and ensure that that distribution does not interfere with your game. Make sure you find a company that will assess both of your feet separately (they can be different!) and in both walking and standing positions.

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