Choosing the Best Tennis Racket for You

Do you want to know how to choose a great tennis racket? Even though it might seem like a simple task to buy a good racket, you need to ensure that you are getting one that can enhance your performance. This guide will help you to choose the right tennis racquet from the different categories.

In the first category, you will find tennis racquets for power or game improvement. Generally, these racquets will have oversize or super oversize heads; will be lightweight and have a much longer and balanced head that can maintain adequate weight within the hitting zone. These are designed for players who have slower, shorter swings and would need a racquet to give them more power.

The Tweener racquets would be found in the second category. There are many types that provide a combination of features for game improvement. They are usually lightweight; balanced between slightly head-heavy to head-light; come with mid-plus heads and usually have a length that can be extended. These racquets provide low to medium and medium to high power and will be ideal for players at the intermediate to advanced levels who what to enhance their maneuverability.

The control or player’s racquets can be found in the third category. These racquets are generally used by the players who are professional and those who play for college team and high-level club. These types are usually heavier with smaller heads; thinner with flexible beams and have balanced head light that can sustain maneuverability. These are low-power racquets which can be designed with regular or extended length for players with their own power and want a racquet to give them more control.

The following are some of the features to consider when you are choosing a racquet:

Head Size: The power is related directly to the head size, so the larger ones will offer more power when compared to a smaller head.

Balance and weight: These characteristics will influence how the racquet will feel when it’s picked up and whenever you swing it on the court. A heavy racquet will be more powerful, stable and transfers less shock compared to a lighter racquet.

Length: You can find racquets with varying lengths from 27 to 29 inches and this is the legal limit to play in tournaments. The regular racquets will be 27 inches in length. A longer type will provide more reach for ground strokes, additional leverage on serves and better power overall.

Tennis racket strings pattern: This is usually overlooked by most recreational players, but the density of the string pattern will influence many aspects of the feel and overall performance of a racquet.

Handle/Grip Systems: The manufacturers are now looking at ways to enhance the comfort level, as the racquets have become lighter, without having to increase the weight significantly. As a result, a dampening system for vibration and shock will be added to the handle.

Hopefully, this tennis racquet guide will help you to choose the right one to enhance your overall performance. You can do your research to learn more about other tennis equipment that is vital for you to win.

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