Brett Favre – One of the Best!

Brett Favre has been playing football in the NFL for fro 18 years now and he seems to only get better with every year. It is a great achievement for any NFL player just to play for as long as he has, but to do it at the level of intensity that Brett Favre has is nearly impossible. He has broken records, won a Super Bowl, and defined the odds time and time again in his illustrious career. No one would have ever thought that he would still be playing football at this age.

He has come quite a long way from the Favre that we first came to know in 1991 when he played for the Atlanta Falcons. In his time with the Green Bay Packers he blossomed into one of the greatest quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. With the help of an explosive offense he led them to a Super Bowl victory in 1997.

In 2008 he was traded to the New York Jets where he was supposed to retire (but obviously didn’t). He is now the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings and is doing quite a remarkable job if I must say so myself. At the time of writing this article the Vikings were number five in the NFL’s overall standings beneath the Eagles and the New Orleans Saints.

The fact that Brett has overcome everything that people tried to throw at him says a whole lot about the man that he is both on and off of the field. He is a fierce competitor to say the very least and will most likely go down in the hall of fame whenever he does decide to finally retire.