Baseball And Football Autograph Values – Variable Dimensions

The following article tries to explain about baseball autograph value and football autograph values. It tells you how it is difficult to evaluate these sports memorabilia because what may seem valuable to you may not be so for another.

Signatures of eminent baseball and football players have always fascinated fans. If the players happen to be featured in the respective game’s hall of fame, then the memorabilia autographed by such players assumes the highest position. The value of Baseball autograph of say Babe Ruth or Tee Cobb autographed baseball will be the most sought after or footballs signed off by legends like Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw carry the highest value.

An ardent fan would always like to know how much his or her baseball autograph is worth. Similarly, football fans would like to determine their football autograph values. However, there is no clear cut answer to this question. It depends on how much it really matters to you personally. But you could get some idea of the value by going a little deep into the specifics. If you possess a baseball or football which you got autographed right in front of your eyes by your very own favorite player, then it would carry more value in your eyes. If the same autographed ball was gifted to you by your best friend who had the privilege of meeting the player and got the ball signed off for you, you may probably rate it a little lower than if you had met the player yourself.

The condition of the ball is equally important while determining a baseball autograph value. If the baseball you got autographed from, say Derek Jeter, happens to be in a good, clean state, it would obviously carry more weightage. Needless to say, a dirty and abrasive ball reduces in value. Therefore, all baseball or football autograph values do not really carry the same merit.

Then, there is also the background of the autographed ball. One ball may be from a pre season game or it may be the ball used to play in one of the crucial tournaments or even the final match of any game. In such a situation, when you have different balls autographed during different occasions, each baseball or football autograph carries a different assessment depending on the event. Thus, these many finer details go into shaping the worth of football or baseball autograph value.

Trying to figure out the value of a baseball autograph can be quite an art. Collecting and gauging football autograph values or other sports memorabilia becomes that much more interesting and fun because of these different variables.