2010 Worth Baseball Bat Reviews

Last year I said that Rawlings is the Rodney Dangerfield of baseball bats and their brother brand, Worth, is the Joe Piscopo of baseball bats. You know he’s still doing comedy shows somewhere on earth but you just don’t care.  For the 2010 model year nothing has changed. Nobody seems to care about Worth bats and it’s difficult to even find much information on their bats. Amazingly this is the case on their own web site where they don’t tell you which baseball bats are for the 2010 model year! They only talk about their new softball bats.
Worth is owned by K2 (the ski company) which also owns the Rawlings and Miken brands. To the best of my knowledge it appears Worth has abandoned composite bats and is exclusively focusing on alloy bats in 2010. On the surface this makes sense as Miken and Rawlings are focused on composite bats. What’s amazing is that Worth’s 2010 alloy model is priced in the high end of the alloy bat category! Even Joe Piscopo is scratching his head about this strategy. Shouldn’t Worth be K2’s discount brand?
I’m including Worth’s composite bats in my reviews even though they’re the same bats they offered in the 2009 model year. They make no mention of any 2010 composite models on their web site. In addition, all there 2009 composite models have drastically reduced prices indicating they are discontinued.
Here is what Worth is offering:
Worth Composite Bats

  • Titan – Adult only 100% composite, one-piece bat with a balanced design. Worth does not specify whether this, or any of their bats, has a stiff or flex handle. This is the 2009 model and they do not have a 2010 model. The Adult -3 can be found for anywhere between $159 and $329. Clearly this bat is on the discount racks to clear it from their warehouse. Needless to say you should stay away from this bat.
  • Mayhem Comp – Youth only 100% composite, one piece bat with does not specify the handle flex. This bat is the youth version of the 2009 Titan. Like the Titan it’s on the discount racks and appears to be discontinued. Stay away from this bat as well.   

Worth Alloy Bats

  • Lithium Prodigy/Amp: This actually is a 2010 model. A 100% alloy, one-piece bat with what appears to be a flex handle and balanced design. The name is different for the Adult/Senior and Youth model but it’s the same bat. The Adult -3 model retails for $199 which amazingly prices it with the Louisville Omaha and Easton V12. This bat should be priced around the $149. Unless you’re playing T-Ball or want to be ridiculed while at the plate I’d go elsewhere for a bat.
  • Copperhead, Prodigy and Mutant: All low quality, bargain basement priced alloy bats. They are made with older material and have retail prices between $49 – $89.

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